One stop solutions

Salesnayak helps to manage leads,Generate Quotation, Manage Invoice and Payment. it remind the user their meeting, followup and many more activity. user can submit the work report and can see work report chart. user can set the target and get comparing between target vs achievements.

Contact management

Salesnayak store all customer contact on a single place. its store data on cloud thats is 100% safe and secure. its work in Admin,subadmin and in users module. where user can see own customer information , where admin can see the information of all customer record of any users. user can easily view there contacts and update customer information

Leads Managements

User's can view all leads with there stage like metting lead,followup lead, closed leads, won leads, in-process leads. User can easily assign the lead to related departments or other users. user can manage lead stage, source easily.

Meeting's scheduling

Users can easily schedule there metting. Salesnayak automatic remind customer by sms, email for metting and other information. also if metting not attend by user then its automatically remind admin.

Task Managements

Admin can easily assign the task to the users. Pending Task autoamtically inform the users. User can submit the work Report on Given Task. Admin can easily Filter running task,delay Task, Flow Task

Data Entry Process

Data entry process is very simple. user can enter Mobile,Name,Email and details of discussion and submit the lead. after that user can eaily change the lead stage. arrange metting etc.

CRM software that gives you immediate results


Improvement in lead conversion rates


Revenue increase per sales person.


Improvement in customer retention


shorter sales cycle