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Boost Your Sale Through Our Lead Report System

Leads are the business opportunities for every company. But converting those leads into business opportunities is a real hassle for any company. All the new incoming leads have to be systematically managed to finalise them into the perfect deals.
Here comes the Lead Report, which lets you manage all your leads from all your sources in a systematic and hassle-free way. It makes your lead conversion super easy and effective. Even, it will assist you on each step for your every single lead so that you can close more leads into perfect business deals in much less time.

Lead Report is a section of Sales Nayak CRM that helps you manage all of your leads in a specific manner. Mainly it has 6 Menus which are:
Lead Stage Reporting
Lead Status Reporting
Missed Reports
Upcoming Reports
Lead Counter
Activity Log

1. Lead Stage Report is the first menu that consists of all dynamic stages as its sub-menus, which are created by you through Lead Master. Clicking on the desired stage menu opens the window having all the leads present at that stage. Also, you can click on "All Stage Lead Report" to see each and every lead present in your system, no matter at what stage it is right now.

2. Lead Status Report is the second menu that consists of all dynamic statuses as its sub-menus, which are also created by you through Lead Master. Clicking on any desired status menu opens the window having all leads present at that status.

3. Missing Report is the third menu which consists of Missed Meeting, Missed Followup, and Missed Delivery as its sub-menus. By the name, it could be understood that these menus consist of data of the same as their name. Through this, you can keep the track of all missed events by your employees.

4. Upcoming Report is the fourth menu which is similar to the Missed Report. It consists of Upcoming Meeting, Upcoming Followup, and Upcoming Delivery as its sub-menus. These menus provide you with the list of all upcoming meetings, followups, and delivery respectively so that you stay updated.

5. Lead Counter is the fifth menu of the Lead Report Section. In this, you can view all your users along with their total no. of leads, their success, follow-up, and loss ratio, along with all the stages of the and no. of leads present at that stage of every user.

6. Activity Log is the last menu of this stage which keeps the track of each and every task being performed in the system by every user, whether it is login-logout history or any entry done by any user, etc.