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All Your Assignment And Call Logs In One Place

Now, keep the track of all your lead assignments and call logs under one section. We can indeed make mistakes, but what if you can revert it with a single click. Now that's something which we really desire for. We might transfer a number of leads to an employee mistakenly instead of another, but this can cost a lot in terms of the company's view. In the Logs of our SalesNayak, you can easily roll back those leads in just a single click. You can even keep the track of all the call logs for easy access and reporting.

Logs is a menu of the Special Features section which consists of three sub-menus and that are :
Transfer Logs
Assignment Logs
Call Logs

1. In the 'Transfer Logs', you can see the whole history of transfers of leads done in your CRM along with the date, time, from-to user, etc. Even you can roll back all the transferred leads if you wish.

2. In the 'Assignment Logs', you see the history of all the leads transferred from one user to another user along with their date, time, and total no. of leads. Even

here you get the option of rollback so that you can roll back the transferred leads to the previous user.

3. In the 'Call Logs', you can see the history of every API's request and response integrated with your Sales Nayak CRM along with the date and IP of the system at that time.