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Keep The Track Of All Your Daily To-Do Work Hassle-Free

Yes, we know that there's a lot to do when you have great responsibilities over your head. And we can feel how hectic it can become for you to keep the track of all your daily to-do tasks or even assigning them to your employees. But now, you can make it done in the most simplistic way one can ever think of.
In the 'To-Do' menu of the Employee Report Section, you can easily assign the daily or weekly or any kind of tasks to the particular employees and can even keep track of all the new, pending and completed tasks assigned by you to the employees.

To Do is one of the most helpful menu in the Employee Report which makes your task assignment to the employees too easy. It consists of three sub-menus which are
      -- New
      -- Pending
      -- Complete

1. In the 'New' menu, you can allot new tasks to the users. Users can be of your company or any other. All you require is to fill the work allotment fields and submit it. You can even opt for the option of sending a notification through SMS/Whatsapp so that the user can be notified of the task he has been assigned for.

2. In the 'Pending' menu, you can see all the pending works which have been assigned earlier by you and have not been completed yet by the assigned users. Users can see their assigned work in their windows and will have to reply to that work in the same window, either they have completed it or not.

3. In the 'Completed' menu, you can view a list of each and every completed task by the users which were assigned by you till the date.