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A Dashboard For All Your Employee's Work Analysis

A Company is by their employees. But how can we know and analyse all their works and reports? So that, they can be assisted for their betterment and ultimately for your company.
User Dashboard lets you do the same. Here you can analyse all the work reports of each specific user you wish to.

User Dashboard is a user-specific dashboard. Here you can see a wholesome report of any specific user you wish to analyse.

1. In default, it gives you data of all users of the present day, but you can search for the specific user along with the time duration of that particular user working.
2. You can see the total no. of follow-ups, today's and previous leads, total no. of quotations, sales orders, purchase orders, sales, material issues, delivery challans along with their values.
3. You can view all the login history of all the users.
4. You can view allotted leads along with success, follow-up, and loss ratio.

5. You can have a track of all the follow-up summaries along with the total no. of customers been followed for the past 2 days, a week, a month, or never as per the users.
6. You can view the percent of customers on the specific stage of the leads.
7. You can have a track of all the upcoming and missed follow-ups date-wise of the selected user.