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A Basic Section For All Your Basic Details

In here you can see all your basic details from your name to bank details, salary, etc. You can use this to get or print your salary slip, can keep track of your attendance, leaves, overtime, etc.
Even you can change your login password through this section. All your basic details in one place for easy access.

My Profile is the menu that contains all your basic info.

1. My Profile is the menu where you can see your basic details such as your name, email, address, login id, salary, daily allowances, etc.

2. Add Bank is the menu where you can see all the banks you have added and connected with the system, or else you can add more banks if you wish by just providing basic details.

3. Salary Slip is the menu where you can see your all months salary slip. Even you can Print your salary slip with a single click.

4. Apply Leave is the menu where you can apply for leave and even can see the list of all users who have applied for leave so that you can take action over those requests. Even you can apply leave for other users if logged in as Admin.

5. My Attendance lets you see all the attendances of your users along with their daily work remarks and total hours of work done, over time, or late attendance, etc. Also, you can approve and remark the attendance marked by your employees.

6. Password update is the simple menu where you can update your Sales Nayak CRM login password.

7. Call Activity is the menu that track and lets you see a listed view of your call history done by you to the customers through the Sales Nayak Mobile App.