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A Management Section For All Kind Of Warranties

Every product or service you buy or sell might come with a warranty that has to be maintained, or you might need a reminder of a particular product's warranty expiry so that you can take timely action over that. You can do the same in Warranty Section of Sales Nayak.
In here, you can have smooth management of all the warranties of each and every product added by you in the system.

Warranty is a section in AMC/Rental Segment of Sales Nayak CRM which lets you register a warranty for a product of a customer.

1. Further, the "Warranty" Section consists of 3 menus i.e., Warranty List, Running list, Expired List.

2. You can add a warranty in the "Warranty" menu by clicking on 'Add' button. Clicking on the same will open a pop-up window where you'll have to provide basic required info asked to generate new warranty.

3. In the "Warranty" menu, you can even see all the warranties ever generated through the system in tabular form and can see details of the specific warranty by clicking on it.

4. In the "Running List" menu you can have a list of all the running warranties separately for easy access.

5. Similarly, in the "Expired List" menu you can have a list of all the expired warranties.

6. You can click on any particular warranty in any given above menus to take any actions over it such as update, delete, add product, or to view details, or complaints.