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A Section For All AMC/RENTAL Complaints From Your Customers

If your company provides services or products to the customers, then it is normal that the customers might be raising complaints against the services or the products you provide. But the main problem arises when those complaints are left unheard or unsolved. So to manage all the complaints in one place, there comes Complaint Section.
Complaint Section is under AMC/Rental in Sales Nayak which lets you raise and manage all the complaints being raised by your customers.

Complaint is a section in AMC/Rental Segment of Sales Nayak CRM which lets you raise a new complaint or lets you review your all, pending, running complaints.

1. In the "New" section you can raise a complaint about your new or existing customer.
If you are raising a complaint about a new customer, then all you have to do is fill up a simple form with basic required fields to raise a complaint.
If the complaint is being raised for an existing customer then you can search for the customer and then you will get all the products of the same customer and can lock a complaint about the specific product with a single click. Then you can just fill up the basic form to raise a complaint.

2. Further, you can track your all complaints in the "All" menu where you can see all the complaints along with their details and their present stage.

3. You can also see the pending, running complaints separately in the given windows.

4. Also, you can watch all the closed complaints along with their details in the "History" menu.