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Hassle-free purchase management is all here for you.

Purchasing goods is easier but maintaining their records and reports is too tiring and messy. But now it has become easy to maintain this all. Any purchase made by you or your company now can be maintained on one platform. Even with our SalesNayak CRM, you can manage all GST reports of your purchases easily.

All the purchases made by you or your company can be managed under the 'Purchase' menu.

1. You can easily add all your purchases in the 'New Purchase' and can see the list of all new purchases over there. Further, you can perform various actions over the same or any other purchase by just clicking on the specific purchase.

2. A whole list of every purchase made by your company or every branch with each and every detail can be seen in the 'Purchase List'. Also if you wish to see the summarised list of all your purchases on the basis of products, you can see that in the 'Purchase Details'.

3. You can additionally have the GST report of every purchase till date in the 'GST Report' section.