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The Benefits of Service Dashboard to You and Your Customers.

The Service Management module of CRM is designed to focus, manage, and track the customer service operations of an organization such as supporting the incident-based services, supporting the customers using service scheduling, etc. ... Services − Represents all the services that the organization offers to the customers.


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Service Dashboard provides you an overview of your sales department related to the complaints, collections, AMC, warranties, technicians tracking, etc.

1. You can view all the running, new, closed, and total no. of complaints.
2. You can specifically view today's or yesterday's complaints and collection of Service Department in the Todays Activity column.
3. You can see the collection summary of the present month, last month, present year, and last year.
4. You can even have a track of all the expiring warranties on the basis of today, tomorrow, present month, and next month.
5. You can have a graphical report of complaints month-wise.
6. You can have all the reports of technicians of present and last month.
7. You can even have a summarised view of all the technicians along with their work reports of all the months of selected FY in a tabular form. You can also click on the specific month to categories all the technicians in ascending order on the basis of their actions taken over the complaints. Further, you can click on any technician to view his reports of all the complaints according to the months.
8. You can see the recent visit report of the technicians and can further have the brief report of that specific complaint such as customer, start to close time of the complaint, distance travelled by technician, etc.
9. You can track all the complaints on the basis of their stages such as running, new, closed, and all complaints and can even perform actions and can change the stage of the complaints as per your requirements.