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Effortless creation of Purchase Orders in our SalesNayak CRM

A purchase order is a financial document that is issued by the buyer to the vendor/seller consisting of everything regarding the order such as types, quantities, prices for products/services. It is an essential part of enterprise resource planning for every company.

All the purchase orders made by you can be managed in the 'Purchase Order' easily.

1. To create a new PO, you can go to the 'New Purchase Order' menu, from where you can add a new PO. Also, you can see the list of all the new PO generated. Clicking on any PO will open a popup window where you can see all the details of the same PO and can perform various tasks over that. You can generate quotations, sales orders, and a lot more directly from the generate window, and their history can be seen in 'Generate History'. You can have a track of the discussions made over that, can make terms and conditions. Approval of the same PO can also be done over the same window. Also, you can keep the track of receiving of the products in the 'GRN' window.

2. All the pending, closed, Hold, and Lost POs can be seen in the 'Pending Purchase Order', 'Closed Purchase Order', 'Hold Purchase Order', and 'Lost Purchase Order' respectively.

3. You can see the summarised POs of all your employees and branches in the 'Purchase Order Summary', and item-wise POs in the 'Purchase Order Details'.