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Keep The Track Of All The Data Imports Done In Your System

In Sales Nayak you easily import data to save time but sometimes some errors occur while doing the same. This can occur due to several reasons such as internet problems, incorrect format in the file, corrupted files, etc. But no worries, all your data is safe.
In the Excel Import History Menu which can be found in the Special Features section, you can see the history of all the imports done till the date, and from there you can take the required actions.

Excel Import History is one of the menu of the Special Features section in SalesNayak CRM

which gives you the history of every excel import done by you in the CRM for any form. Here, you can see the whole history along with the date, type, user, total records, total no. of imports, errors (if any while importing excel file).

Clicking on any row will open a window from where you can even download the data report of the same.